Aviation Engineering and Flight Training in Turkey

Aviation is the most important and modern means of transportation, but the word aviation does not only include air travel, but also includes the various types of air industries, military, civil and entertainment.

Since the beginning of the nineteenth century, specializations related to aviation began to appear in universities to ensure an organized and safe flight movement to preserve the lives of individuals and achieve benefit at the highest levels. 

First, you should know that there are many specialties related to aviation, and not all of them may qualify you to be a pilot 

Among the most important disciplines that have emerged are aviation engineering and aviation management. In Turkey, you can study the specialists according to your choice in multiple languages, including what may qualify you to be a pilot, and what qualifies you to be in an administrative or engineering position.

Study in Turkey: Flight Training

In this major you are here learning and training to become a pilot starting with basic skills such as boarding, landing and operating techniques for all types of aircraft.

In this specialty, you will find many areas such as how to control oneself, the most important ways to deal with the problems facing the pilot in his flights, and quick reactions to solve these problems. 

After you have completed this specialty, you will be qualified to operate the co-pilot centers, and after a number of years of experience, you will become a pilot if you have passed all the qualification tests. 

You will join the university to start studying aviation training, and in the second year you will move to the university’s aviation academy to start the real training process and progress towards piloting the aircraft. 

Flight training study costs

The costs of studying in this specialty start from $7,900 per year, without academic costs, and it includes only the costs of university studies. The most important universities that include aviation training are: 

  • Istanbul Aydin University ($8,000) annually
  • Bahcesehir, Istanbul ($7,900) annually
  • Atilim ($9,800) annually
  • Özgein University ($12,000) annually

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