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Turkish private universities


Turkish universities are the focus of attention of tens of thousands of students


Turkish universities, both private and public, have become an object of admiration and the focus of attention of tens of thousands of students in the world who wish to complete their university studies outside their countries.

Private Turkish universities have occupied their place at the forefront of universities that are witnessing great demand, due to the quality of the level of education provided, and the global recognition of their certificates.

Add to this its relatively acceptable fees, and the facilities it provides to its students, as most of them do not require admission tests to join them, accept a high school certificate, and ease of moving to Turkey and practicing life in it.

Among the most important of these Turkish universities is Bahcesehir Private University

Bahcesehir University 

It is one of the branches of the International Bahçeşehir University Foundation, and it is characterized by exchange programs for professors and students with international universities, including: Harvard University, Stanford University, and others.

It allows the study of its specialties in the English language, and it offers educational programs designed to meet the needs of all work sectors, in addition to containing specialized laboratories for medical and engineering specialties, workshops for technical specializations, seminar rooms, theater and cinema.

the most famous specializations in Bahçeşehir University

  1. Human Medicine
  2. dentist 
  3. Biomedical engineering 
  4. natural therapy 
  5. Business Management 
  6. Computer and software engineering
  7. Electrical and electronic engineering
  8. Mechatronics Engineering 

In addition to many other specializations at all levels of study (Bachelor – Master – PhD) 

Beheşehir University numbers 

  • In Istanbul only, the university has 6 campuses 
  • The university consists of 9 faculties, 2 vocational schools and 4 postgraduate institutes
  • The university’s share of foreign students in Turkey is about 4700 students annually 
  • The educational staff consists of 1170 academics and more than 600 administrators
  • The university has concluded more than 193 cooperation agreements with various universities around the world
  • Bahçeşehir University Library is very famous, as it extends over an area of 11,500 square meters, and includes references, books and various electronic documents.

Social Club at Bahcesehir University

The university includes a club dedicated to students that provides all means of entertainment. This club organizes parties and various scientific and recreational trips, in addition to the university’s stadiums, which include private gyms.

The university also has private boats that enable students to spend enjoyable cruises through them.

The social club at the university is one of the distinctive things for foreign students in Turkey to help them adapt and practice a normal life in Turkey and have a fun and entertaining time during the study trip in Turkey


Aviation training at university 

The university includes a very important specialization, which is aviation training, which qualifies you to be a pilot in the future, where you can join the university that has a special aviation academy to fulfill your dream of becoming a pilot. 

It also features a special department that is equipped with the latest technologies in the field of artificial intelligence and mechatronics engineering , which you will never find in any other university. 

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