Bilgi University

About the university

Establishment date :  1996
City :  Istanbul – European section
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

Local rating: 25
World Ranking: 1901
Number of students: 20000
Number of specialties: +150

About the university:

Founded in 1996, Istanbul Bilgi University has proven, during a quarter of a century of hard work, that it is one of the best universities in Turkey and the world, and has celebrated the graduation of more than 50,000 graduates in various disciplines over its twenty-five years.

Accreditation and Licensing:

Istanbul Bilgi University is licensed by the Turkish Higher Education Council, and it is one of the accredited and recognized universities in various Arab countries, and for more details about your country, all you have to do is contact us.

University vision and goals:

Reaching the world is by expanding science and art, leading social development, meeting around the table of passion for learning, devoting scientific and academic efforts to contribute to the production of science and educating individuals with broad horizons, who develop research and problem-solving skills. 

Bilgi University in numbers:

  • Colleges 7
  • Institutes 3 
  • High School 3 
  • Students 20000
  • Graduates 50000 
  • Study Programs 150+
  • Local Rating 25
  • World Ranking 1901

Why Bilgi University?

  • Istanbul Bilgi University has many advantages that make it a unique destination for students, including:

  1. Istanbul Bilgi University is considered one of the best Turkish universities in terms of long experience in academic education, an environment that encourages creativity, and reliance on the latest educational means.
  2. Istanbul Bilgi University offers in its faculties more than 150 leading university majors in the labor market, allowing the student to find the major he wants to study.
  3. It is one of the most attractive universities for the most famous academics and scholars in Turkey and the world, which contributes to providing high quality education.
  4. Istanbul Bilgi University motivates academics and students to conduct and complete research, on the university campus, which is equipped with all the necessary technologies for this.
  5. Many of its students get the opportunity to study and train in the most powerful international universities; It is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program in the European Union, in addition to many bilateral agreements with the best international universities.
  6. Istanbul Bilgi University is distinguished by its urban infrastructure and institution according to the latest technology in design, so that the student can find in it all he needs in terms of education, activity and entertainment.
  7. Bilge University is interested in the recreational aspect of students by holding a variety of cultural, sports and artistic activities, in addition to encouraging student clubs and societies.


  • Istanbul Bilgi University has one of the most strategic and beautiful locations near the Golden Horn in the European section of Istanbul, in addition to being a unique tourist site, close to public transportation networks and metro stations, and in addition to that, it has two campuses in the center of the first city in Kush Tepe and the other in Dolab Dere, near Taksim.


  • Istanbul University students are not concerned about finding suitable housing for them, as the university provides student housing near its colleges, to relieve the student from the trouble and fatigue of transportation. .

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