Cyprus International University

About the university

Establishment date :  1997
City :  Cyprus
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

About the university:

Cyprus International University has academic qualifications that made it top the list of the best universities in Northern Cyprus. It has been keen to develop innovative educational programs directed to developing the student and providing him with the highest level of education and providing the largest and most powerful research centers and laboratories to apply theoretical knowledge and acquire the necessary professional experience to be an effective individual in the business world. Thanks to the unique and distinguished scientific value offered by the International University of Cyprus, it has won 8 local and international accreditations in its various university programs.
It is one of the prestigious universities that was established in 1997 in Northern Cyprus outside the capital “Nicosia”, and it had a global vision in providing a modern technical educational environment to be a center of attraction for thousands of students from all over the world to study there.
Cyprus International University is one of the Turkish Cypriot universities recognized by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education and by the Planning and Coordination Council for Higher Education in the TRNC.

University mission:

The mission of the International University of Cyprus is to develop innovative and multidisciplinary educational curricula through which it offers individuals with a unique career future rich in various job opportunities to be able to develop and develop society in all fields and have full knowledge of modern technological technologies and keep pace with its developments in order to provide the highest level of services and support students In education and professional life, encouraging them to compete and take on challenges for the continuity of growth and development of their experiences and raising the standard of living for them.

University vision:

To possess all the educational qualifications owned by the most powerful universities in the world and to continue to increase the scientific quality of their programs through continuous updating to be in line with all the scientific changes taking place in our current era and a source of valuable solutions that they may face in their future careers.

Cyprus International University Campus:

  • Cyprus International University has the largest campus in Northern Cyprus, with a total area of ​​220 acres, located near the city center and 15 minutes from Ercan Airport. It holds 200 cultural and entertainment events annually by 30 student associations and 42 student clubs.
    The university has provided an entertainment center, cinema, gymnasium, health center and psychological counseling center in case the student encounters any difficulties in adapting to the availability of a restaurant and supermarket to meet the students’ requirements.

Quick information about the university:

  • At Cyprus International University, there are 12 university faculties, including the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Health Sciences, in which 67 undergraduate programs are taught, in addition to 8 vocational schools with 16 associate degree programs and a Faculty of Postgraduate Studies in Education comprising more than 100 Master’s and PhD program.
    University programs are offered by the largest academic members and experts, whose number reaches 761 academic members.
    The number of students at Cyprus International University reached 22,000 students from 105 different countries.
    Its campus is characterized by its liveliness and richness with many cultural activities and events, thanks to the presence of 42 diverse student clubs that are constantly working to provide these activities.

Advantages of studying at Cyprus International University:

  • Cyprus International University has 11 memberships with the best international institutions including the European Union for Policy Research, the International Federation of Universities and the International Network of Quality Assurance Agencies in Higher Education.
    The research and applied environment at Cyprus International University is a strong and comprehensive environment for all fields, as it consists of 10 scientific research centers and 50 educational and research laboratories equipped with the latest technological devices and technologies to give students professional skills and full knowledge of applying their fields.
    In order to provide individuals with comprehensive knowledge of more than one field, Cyprus International University has developed programs for dual or minor specialization.
    Within its university campus there is a huge library containing all printed and electronic books that help its academics and students to enhance their knowledge with reliable information to conduct scientific studies and research of high scientific value.
    Cyprus International University includes the largest sports facility in Northern Cyprus, with an area of ​​20,000 square meters, which includes indoor and outdoor sports fields, various studios, a semi-olympic swimming pool and many types of sports that develop the personalities of its students and develop their hobbies, in addition to that it is provided with nutrition experts who help students to put Fit healthy nutrition plans for them.

Research Centers at Cyprus International University:

  • Antiquities and Cultural Heritage Center.
    Biotechnology Research Center.
    Communication Technology Research Center.
    Center for Social and Strategic Policy Studies.
    Artificial Intelligence Research Center.

    Student housing
    at Cyprus International University A huge student housing consisting of 17 residential blocks all on the campus with a capacity of more than 2000 students, it includes different types of rooms and all the necessary facilities for accommodation in greater comfort and security, as there is a bed, wardrobe, study desk, bookcase and a small refrigerator in each room All rooms are equipped with central heating, and all residences are monitored through modern cameras and security teams around the clock.

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