Do you have to learn the Turkish language when studying in Turkey

Do you have to learn the Turkish language when studying in Turkey

Did you ever think that the Turkish language is a difficult language to learn and that you will not be able to master it and deal with it? 

If you think so, you are wrong, or the information you have heard about the Turkish language is not enough. The Turkish language is considered one of the easiest languages ​​around the world because it is a mixture of a group of languages ​​such as English, Arabic, French, and Persian, which makes it easy to learn.

Whether you want to travel to Turkey for study, work or residence, you need to learn the Turkish language with two or three levels as a minimum.

First of all, what are the levels of the Turkish language and how many are there?

Turkish language levels:

  • 1st & 2nd A1, A2
  • 3rd & 4th B1, B2
  • Fifth and Sixth C1, C1+

The curriculum is divided into three sections in each section: 

  1. reading
  2. Writing 
  3. listening
  4. Conversation


Upon completion of these levels, the student is considered ready to practice the language in writing, reading and speaking because he is at an advanced level of the language and all he has to do is practice it with people who speak the language as a mother tongue

In order for you to learn the language in a smooth and easy way, we offer you a set of steps to achieve your main goal, which is to learn the Turkish language 

Steps to learn Turkish

  • Learn the most important dialogues you will need to communicate in Turkish
  • Try to learn the correct pronunciation of letters, sentences and vocabulary through audio clips
  • Read books, short stories and children’s stories to advance in the language step by step 
  • Make sure you follow Turkish series and movies and listen well to the correct pronunciation of the actors
  • Try to listen to the Turkish language while you work, even if you cannot focus on it directly because your mind will get used to listening to the language permanently

Try to apply these steps permanently so that you can progress permanently in the journey of learning the Turkish language.


The best Turkish language learning centers in Istanbul 


It is important to know that in all Turkish universities there is a special section for learning the Turkish language in an academic and professional manner. These departments are called Tomer Tomer 

  • Eden University in Florya
  • Askudar University 
  • Gelisim in Avcilar
  • Istinye in Zeytinburnu
  • Sultan Mehmed Al-Fateh University in the Gulf region

Learn the Turkish language with the aim of studying in Turkey


Most of the academic disciplines in public universities are taught in the Turkish language, which forces you to learn the Turkish language if you wish to study in Turkish public universities. 

Also, most of the practical training within Turkish universities after graduation, which is called Pal Stag, takes place in a Turkish work environment with Turks, and is mostly for medical students in hospitals, pharmacy in pharmacies, in addition to engineering students in companies and factories.

If you want to study in Turkey at public universities, you must learn the Turkish language and master it academically and speak it fluently so that you can communicate with teachers and fellow Turkish students 

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