Explore top careers in Dentistry

When it comes to oral health, dentists are the number one healthcare professionals, professionals that we seek to obtain their knowledge and help. They play a vital role in helping patients maintain oral hygiene, prevent gum disease and have a healthy and radiant smile

As with other roles in the medical sector, the demand for dentists is increasing. Whether you are looking to become a hygienist, oral surgeon, or orthodontist, you will likely be required to complete an undergraduate degree in dentistry, with which you can build the knowledge and skills expected to land a job in this field.

The Bachelor of Dentistry degrees are designed to provide students with a foundation in Dental Sciences and are also professional, which means that they will train students and prepare them for careers as dentists at the end of the course. Most of the Bachelor’s degrees in dentistry comprised the modules in anatomy, physiology, biology, patient care, and pharmacology combined with theoretical and practical studies.

Top dental specialties in Turk

  • Dental
  • Assistant Dentist 
  • Dental Replacement Technology 
  • Artificial Dental Techniques
  • Dental Prosthesis Technology

Possible career paths after graduation from one of the dental specialties 

If you are interested in dental and oral health, consider working as a dentist. Dentists spend the day examining people’s teeth and gums and treating diseases from cavities to oral conditions and everything in between. Dentists are responsible for preventive and curative care. They manage and operate technical equipment, even X-ray machines, to perform tests and provide treatment. Some of them also perform surgery.

Dental graduates can work in dental hospitals, clinics, or laboratories.

Dentistry offers motivating career options. In addition to private practice, there are excellent opportunities for teaching, research, and careers with government agencies or in the industry.

Private Practice

Many dentists work either alone in their own clinic, or in  a partnership with other dentists. The majority of dentists own their own clinics.

Academic Dentistry

The academic dental profession combines teaching, research, community service and patient care. Faculty members work in an exciting and intellectually stimulating academic environment.

Hospital Dentistry 

Hospital dentists treat patients with medical conditions and disabilities alongside their fellow physicians, often in operating rooms and emergency departments. Hospital dentists usually have a keen interest in medicine and collaborative care and have spent a year or more training in an in-hospital environment after dentistry college.