Girna American University

About the university

Establishment date :  1998
City :  cyprus
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

A glimpse of the American University of Girna:

The American University of Girna was established in 1985 as the first institution of higher education in Northern Cyprus. It is an international university with 7 branches spread over 3 continents, all of which follow an American student-oriented educational model, through which it was able to develop easy-to-update curricula to keep pace with developments and a source of modern knowledge, meaning that you will receive Educational programs that gather more than 32 years of experience and are still constantly renewed, as it is a parallel university in its education to international universities, and thanks to its global vision, it has achieved 8 local and international accreditations for its programs that meet international standards in education, in addition to its accreditation by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.

University vision and mission:

Constant keenness to implement the American education system, which directs attention towards educating students with high scientific and applied quality by providing them with many local and international opportunities for training. On openness, belonging and mutual respect.


Gerna American University Campus:

The American University of Girna enjoys owning a mobile campus between continents, with the highest academic, social and recreational capabilities, as it was able to provide modern designed classrooms, research centers and laboratories through which the student’s professional aspect is developed to the highest possible level and acquired the experience necessary to enter the field of business upon graduation as a courtroom And a meeting room, and 6 conference rooms were established through which seminars are held, which host academics from international universities and qualified businessmen who give students their expertise and knowledge in certain fields.
What distinguishes it also is that it was able to combine hundreds of cultures through academics and students to develop its educational environment into an environment that develops the student’s personality and increases his knowledge through the student clubs offered by the university, which increases the social culture among them, and in order to achieve its goal of providing self-confident individuals It built for them a sports complex that includes basketball and football fields, indoor tennis courts, a fitness center, a large semi-olympic swimming pool, a cafeteria, restaurants and rest areas.

Quick information about the Gerna American University:

The American University of Girna teaches more than 71 undergraduate programs in 11 colleges, including (Faculty of Medicine, College of Pharmacy, College of Law, College of Engineering, College of Health Sciences, College of Communication), in addition to 41 master’s programs and 19 doctoral programs, and it owns 3 vocational schools and 6 schools Secondary.
The university has a strong teaching staff of 603 academic members.
The American University of Girna is an international educational destination that has attracted more than 20,000 university students from 135 countries around the world, and since its inception, has provided more than 18,000 graduates.
The American University of Girna has prepared a modern technical research base consisting of 17 scientific research centers and 22 research laboratories for various fields.
Within its university campus, there are more than 50 student clubs, through which more than 1,000 events are held annually, including cultural and recreational activities and activities that enrich student

Advantages of studying at the Gerna American University:

  • Girna American University relies on the English language in addition to the Turkish language for its teaching, and has prepared an English language preparatory school accredited by EAQUALS for its high educational quality.
    – Since its establishment, Girna University has been keen to possess a distinguished academic staff to be distinguished as one of the universities with most academic members with high academic qualifications.
    The American University of Girna provides its students and academic members with a unique educational opportunity abroad through its educational partnerships with 147 international universities located in 13 countries, including the United States of America, Russia, China and Poland.
    It is a member of 28 global and local institutions and associations such as the European Association for Architectural Education, the International Association of Universities and the European Association for International Education.
    Gherna University provides its students with the opportunity for continuous learning by launching a program that converts lessons and courses into a digital format to ensure that its students can access them easily and quickly.
    The American University of Girna has television and radio, through which students are trained to practice their fields with complete realism.
    Ghirna University has many branches in 3 different continents, giving students the opportunity to move and obtain another level of education in any branch affiliated with it, as it is located in Turkey, the United States of America, Sri Lanka, Moldova, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and England.

Some research centers and laboratories at the Gerna American University:

  • Cyprus Research Center.
    International Security Studies Research Center.
    Architecture Research Center.
    Global System Science Research Center.
    Mediterranean Water Research Center.
    Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Genetic Research.
    Alternative Energy Lab.
    Chemistry lab.
    Flight laboratory.
    Civil Engineering Laboratory.

Student housing at the Gerna American University:

  • The American University of Girna prepared student housing in four housing blocks with a modern urban design and a capacity of 1600 people for both males and females, and provided through it a safe, comfortable and luxurious housing opportunity from all sides. social and academic.

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