Istanbul Gelisim University

About the university

Establishment date :  2008
City :  Istanbul – European section
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

Local rating: 132
World Ranking: 4659
Number of students: 30000
Number of specialties: 246

About the university:

With the aim of cultural development and achieving more development and modernity, Istanbul Gelişim University was established in 2008 AD, which means in Arabic growth and development, and it was the embodiment of this name as it has achieved great leaps since its inception in the global ranking of universities or was able in a short period to be one of the pillars of higher education Turkey, and attracted thousands of students aspiring to study in a modern and distinguished university.

Accreditation and Licensing:

Istanbul Gelisim University has obtained the license of the Turkish Higher Education Council Yök, and therefore it is accredited in most countries of the world, the European Union and the Arab world, especially Iraq, Egypt and Jordan. You can contact the registration department of MEKKİ STUDY and find out the recognition details for your country.

University vision and goals:

Istanbul Gelisim University’s vision is to be a world class university that creates value through continuous development. 

Gelisim University in numbers

  • Colleges 5
  •  Postgraduate Institutes 1
  •  Vocational Schools 2
  • Specialties 246
  • Bachelor’s majors 79
  •  Students +30000
  • Alumni +28000
  • World Ranking 4659
  • Local Classification 132

Why Gelisim University?

  • Within a few years since the inception of Istanbul Gelisim University, it was able to establish itself as a distinct destination for a successful university life, and obtaining a study seat in it has become a golden opportunity for every student, due to the many advantages available at the university that we summarize in several points:

  1. Comfortable psychological atmosphere and a cooperative environment that encourages study, diligence and excellence.
  2. The organized and ambitious strategic vision of Istanbul Gelisim University to reach the top five hundred global universities.
  3. It reached the top 7 universities in the world at the Oscars Asia times.
  4. The rapid progress achieved by the university is due to the distinguished academic staff, which is considered one of the best teaching staff in Turkey.
  5. Istanbul Gelisim University is distinguished by its modern campus established with the latest modern educational means, in the middle of a beautiful and prominent tower in the center of European Istanbul.
  6. The university includes on its campus more than a hundred modern laboratories equipped with all digital technologies that help students in conducting experiments and research.
  7. Strong partnerships and bilateral agreements with more than a hundred international universities to open up the field of student exchange and academic and scientific expertise, adding it to its membership in the Erasmus Student Exchange Program funded by the European Union.
  8. Istanbul Gelisim University has been able to obtain international quality accreditation certificates from many international educational organizations, including AQAS – AHPGS – ABET
  9. The diverse student clubs at the university provide a university life full of activity, entertainment and fun through cultural, social and sports activities throughout the academic year.


  • The campus of Istanbul Gelisim University is located in Avcilar, the center of European Istanbul, which is one of the most vibrant areas of Istanbul, and public transportation lines and the metrobus line that connects the two parts of the city pass near the university.


  • Istanbul Gelisim University has contracted with the Enis Çebi Dormitories Foundation, which specializes in student housing, to reserve places for its students. The housing is located near the university, and the university provides free shuttle buses between the university and housing throughout the day, and the cost of accommodation for the student varies according to the number of people in the room.

Registration requirements:

  • high school certificate 
  • A copy of the passport 
  • Personal Photos 
  • Registration request 

You can find out more information, details, grants and offers by contacting Mekki Study.

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