Kadir Has University

About the university

Establishment Date :  1997
City  :  Istanbul – European Department
Type of University : Private
Language of Study :  English  – TURKISH

Local rating : 75
World Ranking : 2670
Number of students : 7000
Number of specialties : 24

About the university:

More than two decades ago, Kadir Has University was founded in 1997 under the slogan “An international university in the center of Istanbul”. , such as engineering, communications, economics, management and design disciplines.

Accreditation and Licensing:

Kadir Has University is licensed and accredited by the Turkish Higher Education Council Yök and is thus accredited and recognized in various countries of the world, including the countries of the Arab world, especially Egypt and Jordan. To learn more about the recognition details of your country, you can contact us and find out all the required information.

University vision and goals:

The philosophy of Kadir Has University is based on the idea that students who are self-confident, question, value and tolerantly evaluate all opinions, and accept national and international cooperation become pioneers in society, as happy and successful pioneers at all levels.

Kadir Has University in numbers:

  • Colleges 5
  •  Institutes 1
  •  Vocational Schools 2
  • Specialties 101
  •  Students 7000
  • Alumni 11795
  • World Ranking 2670
  • Local Rating 75 

Why Kadir Has University?

  • Kadir Has University has many advantages that make it a distinctive and unique destination for many students, until it has become a primary goal to complete their academic life, and some of its features are:

                       Kadir Has University is one of the universities that is taking steady and deliberate steps to achieve its goals of becoming among the most                                           powerful universities in the world.

      1. In its work, this university follows the policies of permanent quality assurance, through continuous evaluation of its performance, the study programs offered, and the results of its students in the various disciplines it offers.
      2. A large group of the most famous academics, experts and scholars in Turkey form the backbone of its faculty members.
      3. Kadir Has University students are among the closest to the business world. This is due to the university’s many agreements with major Turkish and international companies, where students get the opportunity to train in these companies during their studies and get a job in them after graduation.
      4. Kadir Has University is unique in choosing one of the historical buildings in the center of Istanbul as its headquarters, and it has been prepared to be a university campus that combines the nobility of heritage and the modernity of means so that this mixture forms the most wonderful civilized images that combine the past and the present.
      5. Kadir Has University focuses on specific disciplines, in order to bring these disciplines to the highest possible quality.
      6. Kadir Has University enables its students to train and study in major international universities, as it is a member of the European Erasmus Student Exchange Program, in addition to many bilateral student exchange agreements with the most powerful universities in the world.
      7. The study routine and the boredom of studying was broken by Kadir Has University through many recreational activities, cultural festivals and student clubs that cater to the same student. To accept the study with vigor and activity.
      8. Kadir Has University follows up its students after graduation through its alumni office and guides them towards the right path, to choose the right job, and helps them find it.


  • Kadir Has University is located in the center of European Istanbul, along the famous Golden Horn, in the Fatih district, where the nobility of heritage meets the beauty of modernity. It is a distinguished strategic location that is connected to most public transportation lines, in addition to its proximity to all government institutions necessary to follow the affairs of life in Istanbul.


  • Kadir Has University provides safe and comfortable housing for its male and female students near its campus. The housing fee varies according to the number of people in the room and ranges between 10,000 and 19,500 TL for nine months.

You can find out more information, details, grants and offers by contacting Mekki Study.

Cibali, Kadir Has Cd., 34083 Cibali / Fatih/Fatih/İstanbul