Kent University

About the university

Establishment date :  2016
City :  Istanbul – European section
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

Local rating: 195
World Ranking: 17177
Number of students: 3940
Number of specialties: 20

About the university:

Istanbul University I was one of the newest Turkish universities, which was established in 2016, and entered the world ranking ladder and made great leaps, by following the quality policy system in accordance with international standards for higher education. It is also the first educational project emanating from the Foundation for Obstacle-Free Education (EVEN) one of the most important Educational and cultural institutions at the Turkish level.

Accreditation and Licensing:

Istanbul Kent University obtained the license of the Turkish Higher Education Council Yök, and is thus accredited and recognized in most countries of the world, European Union countries and Arab countries, especially the Arab Republic of Egypt, and you can find out the details of recognition of your country by communicating with the registration department of Mekki Group

University vision and goals:

The vision of Istanbul Kent University is to look into the future by preparing individuals who are able to be one of the pillars of the future with its modernity and development, and it also aims to be a global university through scientific production that benefits all of humanity.

Kent University in numbers:

  • 4 . colleges
  •  Vocational Schools 2
  • Specialties 33
  • Bachelor’s degree majors 15
  •  Students 3940
  • World Ranking 17177
  • Local Rating 195

Why Kent University?

  • Its modernity did not prevent it from being one of the best universities with a high level of education and technological development that keeps pace with the spirit of the age. The university has many advantages that make it a unique destination for every student, including:

  1. Istanbul Kent University is distinguished by being a modern and modern university with all the elements of a distinguished higher education.
  2. In the educational process, the university relies on the strongest foundations of artificial intelligence and modern digital technologies in education.
  3. Istanbul Kent University is working to attract the strongest scientific competencies and academic expertise to be within its faculty to provide the best possible quality of education.
  4. Students at Istanbul Kent University have a unique opportunity to study and train in the most powerful international universities, due to the strong partnerships and bilateral agreements with major international universities, in addition to its membership in the Erasmus Student Exchange Program between the European Union countries.
  5. Study programs in the university’s faculties are subject to continuous evaluation to follow up on the growing scientific development, keep pace with the spirit of the times and meet the requirements of the labor market.
  6. Istanbul Kent University brings its students closer to the labor market through many strategic partnerships with Turkish business institutions, commercial, industrial and service companies, which give students practical experience with theoretical study to achieve success in a bright future.
  7. The infrastructure at Istanbul Kent University is one of the best infrastructure for educational institutions in Turkey, as it includes many distinctive facilities such as smart classrooms, modern laboratories, the huge university library and many other recreational facilities such as restaurants, cafes, sports clubs, and others.
  8. Istanbul Kent University follows up its students after graduation through the university’s graduate office, directs them to suitable jobs, and provides them with all consultations to open wide horizons for them to achieve success in their working lives.


  •  The campus of Istanbul Kent University is located in the Beyoğlu district, one of the most prestigious areas of European Istanbul, and the first and distinctive destination for tourists wishing to visit Istanbul, where the ancient and heritage neighborhood meets the modern civilization.

Registration requirements:

  • High School certificate 
  • passport copy
  • Personal Photos 
  • University registration form

You can find out more information, details, grants and offers by contacting Mekki Study.

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