Kultur University

About the university

Establishment date :  1997
City :  Istanbul – European section
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

Local rating: 108
World Ranking: 3372
Number of students: 16000
Number of specialties: 150

About the university:

In the era in which Turkey began its civilizational renaissance, specifically in 1997, Istanbul Kultur University, which means in Arabic (Istanbul Cultural University), was established. Its beginning was with three faculties, but it expanded and grew to establish five additional faculties, and was able to establish itself among the strongest universities Turkish.

Accreditation and Licensing:

Istanbul Kultur University is licensed by the Turkish Higher Education Council Yök, and it is accredited and recognized in European countries, most countries of the world and Arab countries, especially Jordan and Egypt, and you will get the recognition details for your country when you contact the registration department of  Mekki Group

University vision and goals:

The vision of Istanbul Kultur University is based on providing quality education that nurtures talents that will build the future and increase scientific, artistic and cultural activities. It also aims to be a university with a national and global reputation in education and scientific research.

Kültür University in numbers:

  • Colleges 8
  • Postgraduate Institutes 1
  •  Vocational Schools 2
  • Specialties 105
  • Bachelor’s majors 30
  • Students 16000
  • Alumni 24000
  • World Ranking 3372
  • Local Rating 108

Why Kültür University?

  • Istanbul Kultur University is one of the oldest private Turkish universities with an educational journey and academic experience spanning nearly a quarter of a century of giving and achievement, and it has many advantages that make it a favorite destination for many students:

  1. The university has more than 800 professors and academics who are the most efficient in their specializations and constitute the university’s teaching staff, and the main factor in providing the best quality of education.
  2. Istanbul Kultur University encourages researchers to innovate and assists them in research, and offers them an  annual AKINGÜÇ Prize, for researchers in the fields of medicine, chemistry, biology and biology.
  3. Istanbul Kultur University is distinguished by the continuous evaluation of its study programs to keep pace with the requirements of the labor market and keep pace with the changing spirit of the times.
  4. The university provides its students with a large and varied package of university majors that meet all the aspirations and desires of students.
  5. Practical training is an essential part of the educational process in addition to the theoretical study for students of Kultur University. The university also allows its students to work part-time within the university to gain the practical experience necessary to obtain an excellent employment opportunity after graduation.
  6. Istanbul Kultur University follows up its students after graduation through the Alumni Office to guide them towards the right path in choosing their business, and permanently holding training courses.
  7. The university is based on a sophisticated and modern infrastructure based on the latest modern educational means, and consists of distinguished classrooms, modern laboratories, a huge library, and many recreational, sports and cultural facilities.
  8. Education is not everything at Istanbul Kultur University. Social, cultural and sports activities are held on a permanent basis throughout the academic year, in which students go out and study actively.


  • The faculties of Istanbul Kultur University are distributed in four locations in the center of the European section of Istanbul, namely the Shirin Evlar Campus, Atakoy Campus, Halkalı Campus and Incirli Campus, which are distinguished locations and close to transportation.


  • The student can reserve a place in the university’s student dormitory, which is close to the university campus and is available for males and females at reasonable prices that vary according to the room and the number of people in it.

Registration requirements:

  • high school certificate 
  • A copy of the passport 
  • Personal Photos 
  • Registration Form 

You can find out more information, details, grants and offers by contacting Mekki Study.

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