Libraries in Turkey - List of the most important libraries in Istanbul

The most important libraries in Turkey


In the tale of One Thousand and One Nights in Istanbul, the events of one of your stories must take place in a library or perhaps between the covers of a book you haven’t read yet.

As Baghdad was previously the destination of students of science and seekers of knowledge, today Istanbul receives this honor, in its large libraries rich in all kinds of books.

After Istanbul became a tourist destination and a place of residence for millions of foreigners of different nationalities, especially after a large number of Arabs and others moved due to political circumstances, it became necessary to provide libraries for this segment of society.

According to the data of the Turkish Statistical Institution ” TurkStat ” , Istanbul contains 59 public libraries, these libraries receive visitors from Turks and others who know the Turkish language.

List of the most important libraries in Istanbul

  • American Library (Amerikan Kütüphanesi), Tepebaşı
  • Ataturk Library, Taksim
  • Halide Edip Adıvar (Usküdar American Academy), Bağlarbaşı
  • Istanbul Celik Gulersoy (Celek Gulersoy Kotovanesi), Sultanahmet
  • Istanbul Technical University Mustafa Annan Library [1]
  • Koprulu Library
  • Archaeological Museum Library (Arkeoloji Müzesi Kütüphanesi), Sultanahmet
  • French Institute, Beyoglu [2]
  • Goethe Institute, Beyoglu
  • Islamic Research Center ISAM (İslam Araştırmaları Merkezi), in Mayıs Üniversitesi in Bağlarbaşı [3]
  • Topkapi Palace (Topkapı Sarayı Kütüphanesi), Sultanahmet
  • Women’s Works Library (Kadin Eserleri Kütüphanesi), Halic [4]
  • Nur Osmaniye, Eminönü [5]
  • Süleymaniye Kütüphanesi, Beyazit