List of distinguished private universities in Turkey

List of distinguished private universities in Turkey

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Study in Turkey 

Many foreign students wish to continue their university studies in Turkey, due to many data added to the distinguished academic and educational level. 

In addition to matters related to living, life in Turkey is similar to life in many Arab countries.

Turkey is similar to many Arab countries in customs and traditions and the availability of halal food, in addition to the low costs of living, housing and transportation relative to the costs in European countries.

Private universities in Turkey

Turkish private universities are distinguished universities for many students from all over the world, and one of their most important advantages is that they do not require exams to join them

Where the secondary certificate is the basic certificate for obtaining admission to Turkish universities

Turkish universities also occupy a prominent position among international universities, and they teach in several languages, such as English, in addition to the main language, which is Turkish. Some majors are also taught in Arabic.

In addition to the possibility of joining universities through the educational advisor and obtaining full or partial scholarships for outstanding students.

List of distinguished private universities in Turkey

  • Eden University
  • Medipol Istanbul 
  • Bahcesehir University Istanbul
  • Koch (American University)
  • Spangy 
  • Gelishim
  • Altn Bash
  • Gulf University
  • Kader Hass
  • Özgein University
  • Istanbul Tech
  • Bilkent University
  • MEF 

Apply to study in Turkey through a knowledge group 

  • Free educational advice from a knowledge group
  • Discounts and special prices in addition to other features such as installments in some specialties
  • Guaranteed admission directly from the university  
  • Submission of partial and full scholarships
  • Follow up on payments and all legal matters
  • Receiving you in Turkey and securing all legal papers to obtain student residence