Our Services

Our team of international students aims to provide you with all educational consultations based on their experience.
In addition to providing discounts and exclusive offers at the most powerful private universities, we also help you register for the best public universities.
Our team is always at your service from your homeland to your university residence and the university campus.
We are pleased to be your companions on your future journey.

From The Heart To The Heart.
Mekki Study, Your way to success in Turkey.

What do we offer

We offer all office services from registration to visas for all students to reach Turkey easily, in addition to arrangements for reception from the airport and hotel reservations!

We guarantee university admission by registering the student in the best private universities, and we provide free assistance in obtaining university admission to many internationally accredited private universities.

Free consultation about studies in Turkey and full details are provided to students wishing to know the specializations, their costs, and information with an explanation of the best universities in which this specialization is available to choose the best that suits the student’s criteria.

We provide convenience to our students by picking them up from the airport and dropping them off at the designated hotel or accommodation.

All you have to do is start with the first step, which is to send the papers and the rest of the task is on us.

We Mekki Study provide you with complete information for your educational career so that you feel that your academic future is safe with us, and in the best and most appropriate option possible. We draw the future with you: by providing integrated advice, guidance, and evaluation of options, to reserve your university seat in the best Turkish universities. We support you until stability: We help you arrange matters of stability in Turkey in all respects, starting with housing, through arranging accommodation matters, and reaching societal stability in order to devote yourself to better studies.