Private Turkish universities: Koç University

Private Turkish universities: Koç University

 Turkish universities have entered the arena of competition for the advanced positions with regard to university education at the level of universities in the world, in terms of the quality of education, its advanced level, and the demand for it, both private and governmental.

Several private Turkish universities occupied positions in the list of the best universities locally and globally, including Koç University in Istanbul, the 937th globally and the ninth locally.

Koç University’s contribution to raising the level of education in Turkey

Koç University has clearly contributed to raising the level of education and knowledge, and it is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education in Turkey, and it sets the YOS examination as a condition for admission to its classes.

According to The Time Higher Education 2018 ranking, Koç University ranked first in Turkey, and according to the QS Rankings for 2019, Koç University is among the top 500 universities in the world.

It is also one of the top 10 universities in Turkey according to WEBOMETRICS classification, and one of the top 30 universities in Asia.


Conditions for joining Koç University and the languages ​​of instruction

Although it is a private university, it requires students wishing to join it to obtain the American SAT test, as a prerequisite for admission, and the English language is adopted as the primary language of instruction, with the exception of the branches of Nursing and Law.

Koç University was established in 1993 by the International Vehbi Koç Foundation, as a private, non-profit university.

Where is Koç University located and about the university

Koç University is located northwest of Istanbul, 62 acres, which makes it far from the city’s congestion, and close to Istanbul, the city at the same time.

Koç University consists of 60 buildings that include academic and administrative buildings and laboratories, in addition to 4 public libraries that contain hundreds of thousands of publications and hundreds of databases, the most important of which are the Library of Health Sciences and the Library of the Anatolian Civilizations Research Center.

Private Turkish Universities - Study in Turkey - Koç University

Koç University Equipment

Koç University provides its students and faculty with housing, social facilities, a health center, as well as gymnasiums.

In addition to state-of-the-art laboratories and laboratories, training facilities and research centers, which make scientific research one of the most important pillars of the university institution.

Koç University is distinguished by its teaching staff, as it includes leading researchers in Turkey and holders of Ph.D. degrees from internationally recognized institutions.

It also provides opportunities to do research for all students, with the aim of cooperation in the field of research at the social level, in addition to informing it of providing job opportunities for its graduates, as the employment rates for university graduates are considered high compared to many other Turkish universities, reaching 80% each year.


Colleges and Institutes of Koç University

In this context, Koç University has 6 colleges and 5 higher and industrial institutes, in addition to a group of postgraduate programs and multi-disciplinary programs in English.


The university studies social sciences, humanities, management sciences, economics, sciences, engineering, law, nursing, and medicine, and offers 22 undergraduate programs, 29 graduate programs and 30 doctoral programs.

The university accepts international students from different countries and has an extensive network of more than 250 partner universities including the University of California and other universities such as Northwestern University, Cornell University, and Georgetown University.

 Advantages of studying in Turkey – Koç University

One of the advantages of Koç University is that it pays great attention to engineering, preparing engineers with a high degree of innovation, excellence and technical professionalism. The educational curriculum gives engineering students scientific knowledge and training and contributes to the development of modern science and engineering globally.

It has 9 different student exchange programs around the world, in addition to local and international partnerships, it has a number of local and international partnerships.

 About 77% of the university’s graduates obtain these partnerships, in addition to 40% of the university’s undergraduate students undertaking international partnership programs.

The university accepts international students from different countries, and has an extensive network of more than 250 partner universities including the University of California and other universities such as Northwestern University, Cornell University, and Georgetown University.


Koç University contribution to the study 

Globally, Koç University contributes to technological, economic, social, and research developments globally, as it is considered one of the most universities that harvest research grants to Turkey from the European Union.

It offers many scholarships to its foreign students, amounting to 100%, 75% and 50%, according to degree and talent. It also provides a dynamic social environment by providing cultural, social and sports activities and opportunities to join volunteer teams.

Do not hesitate to reserve your seat in the best universities in Turkey, which, in addition to the educational level, provide a social environment and a field for research and experiments.

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