Private Universities

Acceptance rates for private Turkish universities:

In most private universities, acceptance rates are higher than 60%, as it is not required to obtain high rates to join them to study all disciplines.

Medical specialties that require high school averages of up to 80% are excluded from this.

It is very important to note that some countries have laws that stipulate high school rates with a university degree after graduation.

It takes no more than 10 days to obtain admission to Turkish private universities.

Information about studying private universities in Turkey

Turkish private universities are distinguished universities for many students from all over the world, and one of their most important advantages is that they do not require exams to join them.

Where the secondary certificate (High School Certificate) is the basic certificate for obtaining admission to Turkish universities.

Turkish universities also occupy a prominent position among international universities, and they teach in several languages, such as English, in addition to the main language, which is Turkish. Some majors are also taught in Arabic.

In addition to the possibility of enrolling in universities through the educational advisor and obtaining full or partial scholarships for outstanding students.

Turkish private universities:

Turkish universities, both private and public, have become an object of admiration and the focus of attention of tens of thousands of students in the world who wish to complete their university studies outside their countries.

Private Turkish universities have occupied their place at the forefront of universities that are witnessing great demand, due to the quality of the level of education provided, and the global recognition of their certificates.
Add to this its relatively acceptable fees, and the facilities it provides to its students, and most of them do not require admission tests to join them, accept a high school certificate, and ease of moving to Turkey and practicing life in it.

Conditions for studying in private universities in Turkey:

The first and main condition is that the student must have completed the secondary stage of his education (High School), whether in Turkey or in any other country.

Secondly, the student must have a certificate in the English language such as TOEFL or IELTS, and in the event that it is not available, an appointment will be taken from the university to determine the level.

These are the main conditions for obtaining admission through a knowledgeable group of private universities in Turkey.

About acceptance rates for studying in private universities in Turkey:

If you want to join Turkish private universities, your low GPA will not be a problem to obtain admission and register in the major you are looking for.

Where you can get free admission by a knowledgeable group with any academic rate above 50%, and you may find some universities that require a higher rate for medical branches around 75%.

But you should pay attention to the conditions of work in your country if you want to return to work after graduation.

As some countries do not allow those with low rates to work even if the degree is from Turkish universities and is recognized in the same country.