Public Universities

Studying in Turkey:

Many international students want to study in a Turkish university because it is the connecting line to Europe and all over the world, and registering for it is not difficult for them. Undoubtedly, Turkey has a good study environment that makes students full of energy and vitality, and this is what stimulates the rising generation to grow in an unprecedented way

In addition to matters related to living, life and culture in Turkey are similar to life and culture in many Arab countries.

Turkey is similar to many Arab countries in customs and traditions and the availability of halal food, in addition to the low costs of living, housing, and transportation relative to the costs in European countries.

Admission exams in Turkish public universities:

If you are a student who wants to study in the medical branch in Turkey, you must submit an entrance exam and the acceptance rate to the university is a minimum of 90% to specialize in the medical branch, as for the rest of the branches requires a certain average in the secondary certificate (High School).

To study in Turkey Why Mekki Study?

Because educational consultations are free, discounts, and special prices in addition to other features such as installments in some specialties.
Guaranteed acceptance directly from the university within a few days.


Medical specialties :

1- Human Medicine (Medicine)
2- Obstetrics and Gynecology
3- Pediatrics
4- Otolaryngology, otolaryngology
5- Dermatology
6- Medicine and ophthalmology
7- Psychiatry
8- Esoteric
9- Neurology
10- Dentistry

11- Medicine and orthopedics
12- Plastic surgery
13- Pediatric surgery
14- Cardiology
15- General surgery
16- Anesthesia and resuscitation
17- Thoracic surgery
18- Brain and nerves
19- Urology and urology
20- Physical medicine and rehabilitation

21- Medical Genetics
22- Pharmacology
23- Histology and embryology
24- Radiology
25- Pharmacological Oncology
26- Radiation Oncology
27- Oncology surgery
28- Clinical Anatomy
29- Clinical pharmacology
30- Clinical Periodontology

31- Clinical Embryology
32- Molecular Medicine
33- Pharmaceutical medicine
34- Veterinary medicine

Human Medicine (Medicine) equipment in Turkish universities:

Turkey is generally famous in the field of medical tourism, which attracts millions around the world annually, whether for plastic surgeries or medication and treatment of diseases.

Turkish hospitals are considered among the most important hospitals around the world, with their equipment and services at the highest levels, as you find yourself in a hotel to feel psychologically comfortable.

The state has built many huge hospitals all over the country. One of the most famous hospitals in Turkey is ” Basaksehir Has”, the largest hospital in Europe and the Middle East.

Human Medicine (Medicine) in Turkish public universities:
The state has built a center for medical and scientific research worldwide and encouraged public universities to join it. It has also supported all public universities and equipped them at the highest levels to receive Turkish and international students.

The costs of studying human medicine in Turkish public universities:
The costs vary greatly from one university to another, but the fees are symbolic in public universities, as they start from $1,000 USD annually and reach $7,000 USD annually.

But you have to get acquainted with the distinguished Turkish government universities to study human medicine, and for your choice to be suitable with your financial capabilities, you can contact us to get the details.

The most important Turkish public universities to study human medicine:
– Marmara University
– Ondokuz Mayıs University
– Gaziantep University
– Cerrahpaşa University
– Hacettepe University
– Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University


Engineering specialties :

1- Electronics and Communication Engineering
2- Civil Engineering Construction And Project Management
3- Biomedical Engineering
4- Construction and Earthquake Engineering
5- Artificial Intelligence Engineering
6- Explosives Engineering
7- Marine Transportation and Business Administration Engineering
8- Geomatics Engineering
9- Stem Cell and Tissue Engineering
10- Landscape Architecture
11-Electrical and Electronic Engineering
12- Aircraft Engineering
13- Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine
14- Food Engineering
15- Biomedical Engineering
16- Industrial Engineering
17- Software Engineering
18- Aeronautical Engineering
19- Mechatronics Engineering
20- Civil Engineering
21- Industrial Engineering
22-Computer Engineering

Elements of studying engineering in Turkey:
Turkish universities have a large group of professors specializing in engineering fields who have obtained high degrees from international universities outside and inside Turkey.
Laboratories and laboratories equipped with the latest technical equipment available in various engineering fields around the world, and modern technical equipment, and it works extensively on exchanging experiences with international universities to reach the highest quality of education in engineering disciplines.
Continuous seminars and student and educational clubs for all students of engineering specializations and are held continuously throughout the academic year.

What are the fees and costs of studying engineering in Turkey?
Engineering study fees are very low in Turkish public universities, where the value of fees ranges from $100 USD to $500 USD, depending on the university and the type of specialization to be studied.