Steps to study in Turkey in private universities

In Turkey, there are about 200 public and private universities, most of which are governmental, and the rest are private universities .

In this article, we will review a number of information that will be useful to you if you want to study in Turkey, such as information about studying in Turkish universities as the best universities, a number of tips and how to apply.

How does a knowledge group help you study in Turkey?

The test we offer in the knowledge group is distinguished by the facilities and we also guarantee you to study in the best Turkish universities by securing admissions for various medical, engineering and other university specializations for all foreign students who have a desire to study in Turkey. 

This guarantees that you will have a place in Turkish private universities and will not make you bother to come to Turkey to face the difficulties of enrolling in Turkish universities.

Among the facilities that we offer you to study in Turkey are:

  • Information about study options in private universities
  • Introducing the specialties
  • Determine the necessary official documents
  • Airport pick up and transfer 
  • Fee notification.
  • Arranging payments and securing admission directly 

Steps of the study process in Turkey

First you have to choose a specialization with your  educational advisor with a knowledge group to take the first step towards private Turkish universities

Learn about the educational programs of specialization in each university to choose the best university for you in Turkey

Ensure that the initial fees are transferred to the university to obtain admission, register your name, and immediately reserve your seat at the university 

Steps to Study in Turkey - Knowledge Group

Additional options offered by Knowledge Group

In case if you want to apply to different programs at the same time, you have to remember that different programs and universities require different qualifications (documents, tests with acceptable English scores, admission test, interviews, etc.).

But we offer you this option and help you apply to several universities so that you have several options to study in Turkey  

Language tests to study in Turkey 

As for the well-known English language tests, TOEFL and IELTS, they are accepted in all universities in Turkey. As for persons applying for a PhD, they must find a suitable supervisor before they submit their application.

In the end 

In the event that you have been accepted to study at the chosen university and you confirm your decision, the university will issue the admission documents. You can find information about both the visa and temporary residence granted to students in the “Getting a visa” section of the website.

After completing all the operations, prepare yourself for studying in Turkey in private Turkish universities