Study in Turkey - Directory of Private Universities

In this article you will read:

  1. Turkish universities are the focus of attention of tens of thousands of students
  2. List of the best private Turkish universities
  • Istanbul Kultur University
  • Bahçeşehir Istanbul
  •  Sabanci
  • Ankara 
  • Baskent 
  • TED University
  • Izmir University
  • Okan University
  • Kader Hass 
  • Istanbul Aydın
  • Uskudar University

Turkish universities are the focus of attention of tens of thousands of students

Turkish universities, both private and public, have become an object of admiration and the focus of attention of tens of thousands of students in the world who wish to complete their university studies outside their countries.

Private Turkish universities have occupied their place at the forefront of universities that are witnessing great demand, due to the quality of the level of education provided, the global recognition of their certificates, and the efficiency of their teaching staff, in addition to providing the opportunity to study in the English language.

Add to this its relatively acceptable fees, and the facilities it provides to its students, as most of them do not require admission tests to join them, accept a high school certificate, and ease of moving to Turkey and practicing life in it.

List of the best private Turkish universities

The following is a list of the best private Turkish universities that provide the highest levels of university education globally and locally.

  1. Istanbul Kultur University: Which is one of the best Turkish universities that provides academic education according to the highest international standards.

The university has 8 colleges and 2 vocational schools, as well as a comprehensive library that provides publications and references for students.

It also provides equipped classrooms, modern laboratories and laboratories, various restaurants, and most importantly, the student at Istanbul University “Kultur” can work part-time in the units at the university

Kultur University trains specialized professional minds and hands, and employs modern technology to serve the community.

 It also owns a rehabilitation center to provide students with the experience necessary for the labor market, providing professional advice, job search skills, interview guidance, and CV preparation.

The clubs at the university provide the student with a number of social, artistic and cultural activities through holding sporting events, exhibitions and seminars.

It also concludes cooperation agreements with factories inside and outside Turkey, which allows the student to obtain training.

  1. Bahçeşehir Istanbul University:  which is one of the branches of the International Bahçeşehir Universities Foundation, and is characterized by exchange programs for professors and students with international universities, including: Harvard University, Stanford University, and others.

It allows the study of its specialties in the English language, and it offers educational programs designed to meet the needs of all work sectors, in addition to containing specialized laboratories for medical and engineering specialties, workshops for technical specializations, seminar rooms, theater and cinema.

  1.  Sabanci University: in the Asian side of Istanbul, has 3 faculties, 13 undergraduate programs, an exchange program from 280 universities in 53 countries, 100 laboratories and public libraries.

It allows studying its majors in English, and it has a center for the arts, another for studies and scientific research, chemical and physical laboratories, and another for computer.

  1. Ankara University: of Sciences which is English-based and focuses on 3 majors: Engineering, Art, Design, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Ankara University provides its students with an advanced research level, depends on critical thinking and creativity, and provides recreational activities for its patrons.

  1. Baskent University: in Ankara, which has 11 faculties, 7 institutes, 6 vocational schools, a foreign language school and 13 research centers.

It contributes to enhancing the technological, social and cultural level through the development of scientific research. It uses the English language for teaching its specializations. It is a member of the Erasmus Student Exchange Program.

  1. TED University: in Ankara, which includes 5 faculties, 21 university programs, a Turkish and English language school, has a huge library, encourages scientific publishing activities, as well as community and recreational activities.
  1. Izmir Economic University:   which has 8 faculties, 3 vocational schools and 10 scientific research centers, teaches its majors in English, includes a comprehensive library in addition to taking care of social and recreational activities.
  1. Okan University: is on the Asian side of Istanbul, and it includes 10 faculties, and its majors are taught in English and Turkish.

Partnerships are held with the Turkish Council on Foreign Economic Relations, Turkish Airlines, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies and the Communications Technology Authority.

It includes the European Union Research Center, Research and Cultural Studies Center, Culinary Arts Center and Foreign Language Centers.

  1. Kadir Has University: in Istanbul, Europe, which establishes partnerships with international universities and includes a number of clubs such as the European Union Club, Entrepreneurs Club, Ataturk Community Club and others.
  2. Istanbul Aydin University: in European Istanbul, which cooperates with 450 international universities, owns the Hospital of the Faculty of Dentistry and the Oral Health Center, and includes 30 research centers and 21 science laboratories.

It also has a food analysis laboratory, civil engineering laboratories, an astronomy center, and a career development center.

  1. Uskudar University: on the Asian side of Istanbul, which offers advanced results in neurology globally, provides education and training according to international standards, has partnerships with several European universities, and is distinguished for teaching medical specialties.