Study in Turkey - Recognized Turkish Universities in Qatar

 university degree with a good and distinguished level of education.

One of the communities whose children want to complete their university education in Turkish universities is the Qatari community .

Many Turkish universities are recognized in Qatar

List of Recognized Private Turkish Universities in Qatar

  1. Koç University

A private university located in the European section of Istanbul, and offers the opportunity to study its majors in English for those who wish to do so. It owns 6 colleges and 5 higher and industrial institutes, and is ranked among the top 500 universities in the world.


  1. Spangy University 

It is among the top 700 universities in the world, and is also distinguished by its English-language teaching, and it has a student exchange program with more than 280 universities in 53 countries.


  1. Boğaziçi University

It is a public university in Istanbul. It uses both Turkish and English languages ​​to teach its majors. The student affiliated with it can also study two different specializations and obtain two certificates, as it works in the “Double Major” system.


  1. Bilkent University

A private university located in Ankara, ranked 731st in the world, and has an alumni center that aims to communicate with graduates inside and outside Turkey. 


  1. Atlim University

It is located in the city of Ankara, and ranks 44th locally, and 2077 globally. It also ranked fourth among Turkish universities on the basis of scientific research and ranked second among Turkish universities participating in the physical sciences rankings. 


  1. Istanbul Technical University

It is a public university, and it is ranked 20th on the level of universities in Asia, and 108th among the universities in the world. 


  1. Hacettepe University

A public university in Ankara, it has 15 colleges, 15 schools and postgraduate institutes, 2 applied schools, 4 vocational schools and 98 research and application centers. 


  1. Middle East Technical University

It is located in the city of Ankara, and it is a public university, which is one of the top 500 universities in the world, and it depends on the English language along with the Turkish language in the teaching of its specializations.


  1. Istanbul University

A public university in Istanbul, it is ranked sixth locally and 385th at the level of universities in the world.


  1. Dokuz University September 

It is located in the city of Samsun, locally ranked 23 and globally 1684, and includes a general hospital and a dental hospital.


  1.  Ozyegin University

It is located in the Asian city of Istanbul, which is the best Turkish university that studies civil aviation.


As for Turkish scholarships?

Turkey also grants free Turkish scholarships to Qatari students annually, and Turkey is the destination for thousands of Qatari students to complete their university studies.


In view of the facilities offered by Turkish universities to Qatari students, as well as the recognition of Qatar


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