Study in Turkey - Mechatronics Engineering

Study in Turkey – Mechatronics Engineering

In your childhood did you see a lot of robots in cartoons! Have you ever wondered how these robots communicate with each other and how accurately they carry out their tasks?

Certainly, in recent years, the industry of robots and drones, in addition to self-driving cars, has become one of the most important and most expensive industries around the world as well.

But who is behind these works and how can you join this field, what is the name of this field and how can you know its details?

By studying mechatronics engineering you will be able to understand these strange things.

Define mechatronics engineering

Mechatronics is a term used to denote a wide and very diverse engineering field, and this engineering field combines:

Mechanical engineering , electrical engineering, computer engineering and electronics engineering, and this specialty is developing amazingly from day to day.

The mechatronics engineer is considered one of the most important engineers in all fields. He is the leader of the product development process in factories, the painter who presents practical ideas for self-driving cars, and he who provides solutions to all problems of machines in the laboratories. 

Fields of work for a mechatronics engineer

  • Industrial machinery development.
  • Processing of control systems and automation of the production process.
  • Manufacturing, developing and programming robots.
  • Supervision and management of laboratories and production lines.
  • Maintenance of faults in production lines.
  • Application of artificial intelligence techniques.

What are the fields of study in mechatronics engineering?

  1. mechanical side

It includes the study of traditional mechanics and how to manufacture and design industrial machines

  1. Electrical specialty 

It includes the study of electrical foundations and how to feed electricity to machines 

  1. The electron and its properties

Electronic controls and industrial automation are studied, as well as communication signals and their processing.

  1. computer side

Study two programming languages ​​in addition to dealing with mechanical design by engineering computer programs, and dealing with various control programs.

Study Mechatronics Engineering in English in Turkey

Many private universities provide the study of this field on their premises and offer many laboratories for practical training for students. The most famous of these universities are:

Mechatronics Engineering – Bahcesehir University
  • Bahcesehir University 

Which offers the field of mechatronics engineering in English and is one of the most advanced universities through the equipment it has made, especially for this field. Bahcesehir University is one of the best private Turkish universities

The study is for a period of 4 years, in addition to the possibility of studying a master’s degree related to the fields of mechatronicsengineering

  • Atilim University
  • Okan University

Finally, if you want to join these wonderful fields, which are the fields of work in the future and the highest paying, all you need is to obtain complete information about universities in Turkey.

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