Study in Turkey - Turkish public universities without US

Study in Turkey – Turkish public universities without US

The idea of ​​studying in Turkey has always been a dream for many students around the world, because of the international Turkish universities and the high-level education provided by the best Turkish universities. 

But the EOS exam has always been a reason for many students to cancel the idea of ​​studying in Turkey because they think that it will be difficult to progress and succeed in the EOS exam.

Private Universities – Do you need an EOS ? 

When you apply to most Turkish private universities, you will not face the obstacle of having a YOS certificate among your papers, you may need other certificates such as the SAT in order to be accepted in certain specialties. 

Therefore, private Turkish universities were the outlet for many who wish to study in Turkey, especially for their abundance, abundance of specializations, and reasonable prices compared to European countries.

Turkish public universities without US

Several Turkish public universities have decided to issue a decision stating that students can be accepted directly based on the secondary certificate and without the YOS certificate, to facilitate joining Turkish public universities and to encourage learning the Turkish language during the study period and to integrate into Turkish society.

Among these universities is Gaziantep University , which offered to all successful high school students in different countries the possibility of studying at the university without the YOS exam.

Gaziantep University includes many medical, engineering, business, electronic and electrical specializations, and it is characterized by its advanced equipment that allows students to learn with the latest educational methods.

Why apply through a knowledge group in order to study in Turkey?

  • Free educational advice from a knowledge group
  • Discounts and special prices in addition to other features such as installments in some specialties
  • Guaranteed admission directly from the university  
  • Submission of partial and full scholarships
  • Follow up on payments and all legal matters
  • Receiving you in Turkey and securing all legal papers to obtain student residence