Studying energy systems and their future career

Study in Turkey

Many foreign students wish to continue their university studies in Turkey, due to many data added to the distinguished academic and educational level. 

In addition to matters related to living, life in Turkey is similar to life in many Arab countries.

Turkey is similar to many Arab countries in customs and traditions and the availability of halal food, in addition to the low costs of living, housing and transportation relative to the costs in European countries.

Power systems engineering specialization in Turkey

About the profession

Energy systems engineering is considered one of the most promising disciplines in the near future, due to its significant contribution to increasing the resources of different countries with the different energies needed to operate various companies and factories, thus increasing their production and improving the economy.

The energy engineer specializes in studying all forms of energy (wind energy – solar energy – hydrogen energy – biomass energy) and how to generate, invest and produce the largest amount of it. 

Study Energy Systems Engineering in Turkey

This specialization is parallel to the medical specialties in the degree of its importance in Turkey, as Turkey is one of the most important countries that are working to develop energy production projects in various forms, such as wind energy, which feeds large areas of Turkish territory with the necessary electricity away from oil derivatives.

The Turkish government succeeded in setting firm and clear plans for studying energy engineering in various cities, urging young people to enter this field and allowing them to be creative by equipping universities at the highest levels.

It also attracted many teachers from all over the world and sent educational missions to strengthen the field and work to develop it. 

Duration of studying energy engineering in Turkey 

The study period for this field is 4 years in private and public Turkish universities, and the English language in private universities is an excellent option for foreign students wishing to study the field in Turkey. 

Costs of studying energy systems specialization in Turkish universities

The costs vary according to the university and according to the language of study, as the English language in private universities is the preferred language for foreign students who wish to graduate and return to their country and transfer experiences to it. 

The costs for studying energy systems start from $7900 in English 

The most important universities that study the field of energy systems

Bahçeşehir University is considered one of the most important private Turkish universities that teaches energy systems engineering at the highest levels and the latest equipment, provided that the student has a TOEFL certificate

Job Opportunities for Energy Systems Engineers

  • Within power plants.
  • Work in solar energy units.
  • Electricity companies.
  • Thermal units.
  • Work in the field of scientific research.
  • Work in scientific and research laboratories.
  • Work in the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources 

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