Turkish private universities: Medipol University

Turkish universities, both private and governmental, have ranked high in the lists of international universities, in terms of advanced educational level, excellence in research, and distinguished educational cadres.

Medipol University 

Among the universities that have been able to show remarkable distinction is Medipol Private University, which ranks 91st locally, due to its adoption of the latest technologies, and thus is one of the top 100 Turkish universities.

 It is one of the best 5000 universities in the world, ranking 4663 for the year 2021.

Medipol University campuses and specializations 

Medipol University’s campuses are spread over several regions in European Istanbul, two of which are in Kawacik and two in Halic, all of which are full of huge libraries, entertainment events and cafes.

The university also has a distinguished teaching staff, and also provides scholarship opportunities for students, which makes the demand for it a natural matter.

Medipol University studies the specializations: human medicine, pharmacy , physical therapy, rehabilitation, nursing, child development, midwifery, nutrition, diet and dentistry .

Biomedical engineering, orthopedics, prosthetics, civil engineering, industrial engineering, electrical and electronic engineering, health administration, in addition to management science systems.

Medipol University also offers the opportunity to study distinguished specializations, including: Interior Architecture, Environmental Design, Health Management, Urban Design, Landscape Architecture, Business Administration, International Trade, Finance and International Logistics Management.

She also studies public relations, advertising, new media, communications, anesthesia, first aid and emergency, banking, insurance, and visual communication design.

Culinary arts, speech and language therapy, radiotherapy, dialysis, occupational health and safety, and pathology lab techniques.

Political sciences, international relations, psychology, law, aviation management, special education education, music, Turkish arts, social work and child development.

She studies journalism, media, and visual arts, as well as radio, film, and television.


Consulting Centers at Medipol University

The university includes a number of counseling centers that contribute to guiding students, and provide psychological counseling, by specialists and experts at the highest levels.


The university organizes a lot of diverse cultural activities such as concerts, seminars, artistic events and exhibitions. It also includes a center for applied and health research equipped with the latest equipment.

Among the advantages of Medipol University is that it has an integrated system for distance education, equipped with the latest delivery tools.

Medipol University تتميز 

The university offers its students the opportunity to train, as Medipol Hospitals Complex is affiliated to it, which gives students the opportunity for practical training.

It also opens the horizons of linking the practical and theoretical sides, as it provides the student with the opportunity to live and practice the practical experience, which makes him eligible to enter the field of work after graduating.

It also includes Medipol Dental Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in the region, and one of the leading applied research centers in Turkey.

It also has laboratories for preparation in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, which give the student culinary skills and the secrets of healthy diets.

The university teaches several specialties in English in addition to Turkish, including human medicine and dentistry.

Medipol University Fees 


Here are the fees for some specializations at Medipol University :

The cost of studying human medicine at Medipol University in English is $29,085, while in Turkish it costs $23,000.

As for dentistry, the cost of studying it in English is $20,000, and in Turkish it costs $18,000.

The tuition fee for studying pharmacy at Medipol University is $9,500, while the health sciences fee is approximately $6,510.

The fees for studying engineering and natural sciences are $7,378, while the human and social sciences majors and the College of Management and Fine Arts total $6.075.

For the Vocational School of Health Sciences, the fee is $5,510, excluding diet, nutrition, midwifery and nursing.

English majors at Medipol University 


Medipol University also teaches in English in addition to Turkish specializations: public relations and advertising, business administration, international logistics management, international trade and finance, management information systems, psychological counseling and guidance.

Law, pharmacy, political science, public administration, psychology, health administration, nursing, physical therapy, rehabilitation, speech therapy, and architecture.

In English, all disciplines: industrial engineering, biomedical engineering, civil engineering, electrical and electronic engineering are also taught in English.

Higher Institutes of Medipol University 

Medipol University offers the opportunity to study a two-year institute for those wishing to study the following specializations: health facility management, optometry, anesthesia, and pharmaceutical services.

Radiotherapy, neuroelectricity, prosthodontics, dialysis, operating room services, and medical laboratory techniques.

It is worth noting that the administration of Medipol University announced the opening of registration again for the specializations of physical therapy and biomedical engineering in English.