Yeni Yuzyil University

About the university

Establishment date :  2009
City :  Istanbul – European section
Type of university : Private
Language of study : English – TURKISH

Local rating: 156
World Ranking: 7962  
Number of students: 17000
Number of specialties: 71

About the university:

Yeni Yüzel University is one of the newest Turkish universities, which was established in 2009, and it has become one of the most important institutions that students come to study there, especially in medical specialties, as it offers more than 20 medical specialties, which are among the disciplines that keep pace with the rapid development in the field of medicine. and health care worldwide.

Accreditation and Licensing:

Yeni Yüzel University is licensed by the Turkish Higher Education Council Yök and is thus accredited in most countries of the world, in addition to the Arab countries, especially Egypt, Iraq and Jordan. You can learn more details about your country when you contact us.

University vision and goals:

Yeni Yüzel University aims to attract the strongest academic expertise in the world, to be among the most powerful international universities, and to be worthy of training individuals capable of keeping pace with the changing modern era, and providing them with all the skills necessary for self-affirmation in life and society.

Yeni Yuzyil University in numbers:

  • 10 . colleges
  •  Institutes 3
  •  Vocational Schools 2
  • Specialties 71
  •  Students 10642
  • World Ranking 7962
  • Local Rating 156

Why Yeni Yuzyil University?

  • In a record period, Yeni Yüzel University was able to prove its ability and superiority in various aspects of university life, until it became a preferred destination for thousands of students from Turkey and abroad, and some of its advantages are:

  1.  Rapid development and continuous growth as a result of the distinguished educational quality it provides.
  2. Yeni Yüzel University considers attracting world-famous academic expertise in all disciplines as one of its biggest goals that it always strives to achieve.
  3. Yeni Yüzel University offers diverse and unique specializations, especially in the medical and health care fields.
  4. International students find a lot of care and attention in it, and their numbers are constantly increasing, and it is a favorite university for many Arab students.
  5. Yeni Yüzel University is proud of having a developed infrastructure that helps students and academics to reach the best quality of education, while at the same time creating an atmosphere of entertainment for students through various facilities.
  6. Many of its students get the opportunity to study and train in the most powerful European and international universities; This is due to its membership in the European Erasmus Student Exchange Program, in addition to its bilateral agreements with the most powerful international universities.
  7. Yeni Yüzel University attaches great importance to practical training, in addition to theoretical study; To gain the experience necessary for the student to take his first steps in the business world.
  8. After graduating students are not left alone, but the university helps them in guiding them towards the right path to start a suitable career for them, through the Yeniye Yüzel University Alumni Association.
  9. Yeni Yüzel University has a media network that includes a TV channel and a radio station.


  • The main campus of Yeni Yuzel University is located in the Topkapi district, on the European side of Istanbul, which is considered one of the most strategic and vital areas of Istanbul, where various types of public transportation meet, and metro, tramway and metrobus stations are spread around it, in addition to the main location, it owns a dental hospital. In the Beyoglu district, which has a dental college, and another hospital in Gaziosmanpasa district.

Registration requirements:

  • The original high school diploma
  • passport copy
  • Personal Photos
  • Medical report (specific to some specialties)

You can find out more information, details, grants and offers by contacting Mekki Study.

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