Acceptance rates in Turkish universities

Acceptance rates in Turkish universities

In this article you will read: 

  1. Study in Turkey
  2. The importance of Turkish universities 
  3. Acceptance rates in Turkish universities
  4. Why choose a knowledge group to study in Turkey

Study in Turkey 

Many foreign students around the world want to continue their university studies in Turkey, due to the many data added to the distinguished academic and educational level. 

In addition to matters related to living, life in Turkey is similar to life in many Arab countries.

Turkey is similar to many Arab countries in customs and traditions and the availability of halal food, in addition to the low costs of living, housing and transportation relative to the costs in European countries.

Also, studying in Turkey is one of the most important topics that students around the world search for for several reasons:

  • Top-ranking Turkish universities.
  • Fees of the appropriate private Turkish universities.
  • Proper living in Turkey.
  • Reasonable costs of living in Turkey.
  • Recognition of Turkish universities worldwide.

The importance of Turkish universities

Turkish private and public universities are distinguished by their academic level and support for scientific research, in addition to providing students with practical training opportunities, and opening up opportunities for them to practice practical life before graduation.

For public universities, registration depends on the direct registration system on the university’s website, and public universities rely on the “differentiation” system among students.

This means that students with the strongest files have the best chances to reserve their seats in public universities

In private universities, it depends on submitting the necessary papers to obtain admission, and this is done through a special educational advisor who helps you apply and obtain admission.

Acceptance rates in private Turkish universities.

In most private universities, acceptance rates are higher than 60%, as it is not required to obtain high rates to join them to study all disciplines.

Medical specialties that require high school “Tawjihi” averages of up to 80% are excluded from this.

It is very important to note that some countries have laws that stipulate high secondary rates with a university degree after graduation.

It takes no more than 10 days to obtain admission to Turkish private universities.

Why apply through a knowledge group in order to study in Turkey?

  • Free educational advice from a knowledge group
  • Discounts and special prices in addition to other features such as installments in some specialties
  • Guaranteed admission directly from the university  
  • Submission of partial and full scholarships
  • Follow up on payments and all legal matters
  • Receiving you in Turkey and securing all legal papers to obtain student residence

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